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GST- Impact on Ecommerce Business/ Online Marketplace

With the rapid growth of e-commerce business & ever evolving regulatory landscape in India had posed a very significant question on the twilight prior to the enforceability of Goods & Service Tax (“GST”) which is to be effective from July 01, 2017- What will be the impact of GST on e-commerce? Unlike, brick & mortar business models, where e-commerce business are working on various different business models, will the impact be same or differ for e-commerce business- a question which is yet struggling to find answer and keep many of the players hinged on the pivot. Growth of any business is good news for the economy and it’s been expected that to keep the same path of growth, there has to be clarity on taxation matters and ease of doing business. Of lately, there are several apprehensions in business world- Whether GST be a more hurdle rather than a catalyst for growth? Present issues under VAT & Service Tax faced by Ecommerce business: 1.Firstly, e-commerce sector dealing …