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Post Employment Restrictive Covenants- How Much Enforceable?

The legislations governing several aspects of the employer-employee relationship are so complicated and ambiguous, that they yield in litigation rather than to provide clear way out. Moreover, the most important bone of contention w.r.t. protection of confidential information, non-disclosure and non-solicitation have not yet been addressed through legislation in India, thus warranting recourse to judicial interpretation and common law. In an attempt to protect their interests, trade secrets, confidential information, every employer execute employment agreement and impose post employment restrictive covenants pertaining to manner in which the employees are required to serve the notice period, comply with the exit formality, non-solicitation, non-compete and others before finally exit from the employer. However, to enforce post employment restrictive covenants had become a challenging task for the employers. In our this article- “ Post Employment Restrictive Covenants- How Much Enforceabl…